Tide is Turning on Europe in South East Asia

Today, Malaysia’s Small Palm Oil Farmers launched a new digital ad video that totally rejects Europe’s discriminatory Delegated Act on the eve of France’s ‘Ambassador’ for Environment, Yann Wehrling’s visit to Malaysia.

The video highlights the unholy deal Europe made with President Trump – known as the ‘Juncker-Trump Soya for Cars/Steel Deal’ – that will erect a blockade against Malaysian Palm Oil. A European Union blockade that is unnecessary, unjust, violates WTO rules and without provocation by Malaysia or any palm oil producing country.

In recent days, Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has signaled to EU leaders that Malaysia was now actively considering withdrawing from EU contracts such as the Rafale, and buying fighter jets elsewhere, in response to the EU ban. Indonesia also indicated it is considering imposing tariffs and quotas on EU spirits including French Cognac.

Malaysia’s Small Farmers urge that the Council of the EU and EU Member States Governments reject the EU’s Delegated Act..

 Excerpts from the ad:

  • “Malaysia and Europe have a history as friends, allies and trading partners.”
  • “Instead of strengthening this relationship, Europe is actively undermining it.”
  • “The European Commission is spreading dishonest claims about small Palm Oil farmers. We Malaysians consider this a direct attack on our national interest.”
  • “This situation is highly regrettable. Malaysia has not displayed any aggression towards Europe that would provoke such a direct threat to our country. The Malaysian Government urges Europe’s leaders to reject the Delegated Act and commit to a strong economic and trading relationship with ASEAN.”


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