Malaysian Small Farmers Say No to EU Ban on Palm Oil

Today, the National Association of Small Holders (NASH) launched a new advertising campaign, “Europe’s Crop Apartheid”, in Politico Europe to defend Malaysia’s small farmers against the EU’s ban on Palm Oil biofuels.

The European Parliament’s ban on Palm Oil threatens 650,000 small farmers and over 3.2 million Malaysians who rely on the Palm Oil industry for their livelihoods. Some in Europe claim this is a ‘subsidy cap’, not a ban. Malaysian small farmers are not foolish. We know a ban when we see one. Approving this ban on Palm Oil biofuels will signal that Europe is retreating from its trade commitments in Asia.

Text of the advert:

Here’s the facts about the EU’s proposed Ban on Palm Oil under the Renewable Energy Directive:

  1. The European Parliament has voted to Ban Palm Oil biofuels.
  2. The EU Commission claims, “excluding biofuels produced from Palm Oil from being accounted” under RED is not a Ban. 
  1. The EU Commission wants you to think the Ban is a “Subsidy Cap” post 2021. This is patronising. Malaysia’s small farmers are not foolish: we know a Ban when we see one.
  2. The “Subsidy Cap” means exclusion for Malaysia’s Palm Oil farmers. European oilseeds will not be excluded. The very definition of discrimination.
  3. EU leaders attack American tariffs but now seek to impose discriminatory tariff-like measurers on Malaysian exports.
  4. Approving a Ban on Palm Oil biofuels will signal Europe is abandoning its WTO commitments and withdrawing from Asia.
  5. The Malaysian Government considers the Ban and any discrimination on Palm Oil biofuels as modern day Crop Apartheid imposed by Europe.

For more information on the Palm Oil ban: