Malaysian Small Farmers Release Video Enlightening Iceland’s Walker

Malaysian small farmers have prepared a video that seeks to enlighten Mr Walker about the real facts on palm oil.

Here’s the Facts:

“Palm Oil can lead to Rainforest Destruction.”

Livestock (beef) leads to 10 times more deforestation than Palm Oil.
Soy accounts for more than double. Rapeseed uses five times the amount of pesticides compared to Palm Oil.
Sunflower uses 4 times more land to produce the same amount of oil.

“Forests need to be cleared to make way for Palm Oil by being chopped down or simply burnt.”

WRONG: The U.K.’s forest is disappearing with only 11% left. Malaysia’s forest is increasing with over 54% of our land protected as forest.

“Animals such as the orangutan are now critically endangered and can soon become instinct.”

WRONG: The orang-utan is not dead. The IUCN estimates the population of Bornean orang-utans is 104,000. In 2010, over 59% of Borneo forests were classified by IUCN as “suitable habitat” for orang-utan.