ICYMI: Malaysian Government Signals Trade Retaliation Following French Decision to Exclude Palm Oil Biofuels

Malaysia’s Minister of Primary Industries Ms. Teresa Kok has condemned the French National Assembly’s vote to exclude Palm Oil biofuels as “unwarranted and unjust”. The decision threatens the livelihoods of over 650,000 Malaysian small farmers who rely on palm oil to provide for their families.

The proposal by the French National Assembly is a betrayal of promises made by the French Government that they wouldn’t discriminate against Palm Oil.

Additionally, the ban on Palm Oil biofuels will threaten French exports to Asia and hurt diplomatic relations between France and Palm Oil-producing countries.

Minister of Primary Industries Ms. Teresa Kok stated:

“This is a most unwelcomed decision and goes against the very principles of free and fair trade. The vote by the Parliamentarians is alarming and deserves the strongest condemnation.

“Their action to ultimately exclude the usage and importation of palm oil as part of the approved renewable energy mix could consequentially affect our bilateral trade relations. Malaysia plans to protest strongly against this action and will also muster support from other key palm oil producers.

 I appeal to the French authorities to reconsider this anti-palm oil vote or be ready to face retaliatory actions on bilateral trade and other ongoing collaborations from all palm oil producers”.

Read the Minister’s statement in full, here.