Nosen Kuad and Rebecca Lambert

Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (SALCRA) Small Farmers

  Sematan , Sarawak

Nosen is 62 years old, and her daughter, Rebecca is 31. They live in Sematan, Sarawak. Their family have now been growing oil palm for three generations. Nosen inherited the land from her father, who was given a land title and a number of hectares to grow oil palm.

Nosen has since passed the land title to Rebecca, who now manages much of the day-to-day work managing the land and cultivating the oil palm.

The passing of the land titles down through family generations ensures that the growing of oil palm in Sarawak has significant positive effects on improving prosperity, reducing poverty rates, and ensuring the long-term economic and social well-being of the people of Sarawak.

And the income from growing oil palm has helped Nosen and Rebecca’s family to improve their lives and those of other members of their community. This includes assisting with their education, and health costs, while improving their standard of living. The family have, throughout their time as small farmers, also provided employment for other workers who assist them in cultivating the oil palm, illustrating the societal benefits provided through successful small farmer production.