ICYMI: Malaysia Foreign Affairs Minister Blasts EU for ‘Discriminatory, Double Standard’ Attacks on Palm Oil

Malaysian Foreign Affairs Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah blasted Europe’s anti-Palm Oil campaign yesterday, declaring the moves by Brussels and Paris to be ‘discriminatory’ and ‘reek[ing] of double standard’.

Minister Saifuddin has called on European leaders to reject biased policies such as the Deforestation Criteria and the French ban on Palm Oil biofuel, or prepare for trade retaliation from Malaysia.

Key excerpts from Minister Saifuddin –

  • “It is ironic that other oil crops are not subject to the same stringent requirements demanded for palm oil. This is discriminatory and reeks of double standards.
  • “This move will indirectly favour Europe’s long-term products specifically rapeseed and sunflower oils. No other oilseed or oil-bearing crop was negatively targeted as the oil primary has.
  •  “The move may infringe WTO [World Trade Organisation] rules, and goes against the spirit of globalisation and free trade, of which the EU countries have been so keen to promote and protect.

The Malaysian Government under Prime Minister Mahathir has made clear its intent to respond to Europe’s black Palm Oil campaign. As a leader in forest conservation, Malaysia remains committed to maintaining over 55 per cent of land area as forest. Malaysia is dedicated to achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through its renewed commitment for sustainability. By 2020, all Malaysian Palm Oil will be certified under mandatory Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) guidelines.

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